Hotel Management Lab at PSS

Practical Approaches

We believe that acquiring theoretical knowledge does not always end in its successful application in the descried field. Therefore, we have given an equal emphasis on its applied side as well. We have separate practical works for science, management, hotel management and humanities streams. The science, management and hotel management students are made to carry out specific pieces of project works ending in report writing. As for account students learn to operate account working both in writing and on computers and students are encouraged to go on market studies and analyze on them through practical perspective.

Biology Lab


To reinforce the above stated goals towards producing students equipped with desirable knowledge and skills, we conduct periodic tests and other evaluation strategies as required so that the final summative exams (Board Exams) can be safely and ably taken care of. The tests consist of three term exams culminating in send up tests. The results are placed before the parents to be reviewed and also used for counseling students. We also see that each and every student has duly passed these tests before s/he sits for the final.

Computer Lab at PSS

Center for Information Technology

The institution has been a center for information technology for it contains adequate number of computers for students to facilitate simultaneous learning. The computers are networked with internet facility and are readily accessible to the students round the clock. The center helps students learn various computer skills and download the materials that are related to enhance their learning potential.

Science Lab

The science lab at PSS has been equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for effective practical experiments. Installation of equipment in the lab was done according to the direction and observation of the faculty experts. As a result, students during the lab experiment feel comfort and pleasure.

Radio lab at PSS

Media Center

PSS has pioneered by introducing a media center with an acoustic wall and other required accessories with a view to enhancing students’ media potentialities and skills. To our very strong belief “Learning by doing”, we aim at developing audio products through skill transfer and broadcasting informative programs on local FM Stations. We believe, it will enrich students’ presentation skills and build-up confidence by exploring their hidden talents.

Library at PSS


The institution has set up a well-equipped library and sufficiently enriched resource center for both the students and faculties alike. The range of resources runs from textbooks, journals, periodicals, newspapers to magazines on the much-needed research areas and subjects. Every year we keep our library updated by installing new books and materials on required fields.


Students can enjoy their breaks in the cafeteria, which provides hygienic food in a congenial environment. We have split the tiffin break into two so that having snacks is not a rushed activity but a relaxed and satisfying one. We have prepared a menu that offers verities of snacks throughout the week.


As a reverse to the old saying ‘Thirsty—to—well’, we provide students with a punctual and comfortable transport facility to bring them to PSS. Our motto is ‘you opt for PSS, we reach out to you’. Our vehicles ply in and around the city at an affordable cost.

Extra Curricular Activities

As a part of the holistic education, PSS has developed a provision for sound Sports and Extra-curricular activities. Here students not only acquire knowledge but also acquire sound health habits through regularly held sports competitions and quizzes, debate competitions, essay competitions, eloquences, etc. Sports facilities at PSS complex include basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and varied indoor games to encourage students to develop their mental, physical, and coordination skills and to enhance a sense of true friendship among them. Our students have bagged several prizes and awards in various competitions organized at the local level and even at the national level.